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Main Theme (1984)

Distribution Company : TOEI
Producer : Yoshihisa Nakagawa
Original Story : Yoshio Kataoka
Screenplay : Yoshimitsu Morita
Photographer : Yonezo Maeda
Lighting : Kazuo Yabe
Sound Director : Osamu Onodera
Art Director : Katsumi Nakazawa
Editor : Akimasa Kawashima
Music : Osamu Shiomura

Cast : Hiroko Yakushimaru , Hironobu Nomura , Kazuo Zaitsu , Kaori Momoi , Hiromi Ota , Michio Hisauchi
A youthful love story stars Hiroko Yakushimaru, who was at the height of her popularity at the time, appearing in films such as "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" and "THE DETECTIVE STORY”. A woman, a former kindergarten teacher, and a young man, a magician’s apprentice, both travel together by chance. The film tells how they gradually develop a love for each other as they travel southward through Japan, and the relationship between a middle-aged couple. Yakushimaru's partner is played by Hironobu Nomura, who was discovered in auditions. The theme song with the same title as the film was also released and became a big hit during the summer vacation.
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