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And Then (1985)

Distribution Company : TOEI
Planned : Sundance Company
Producers : Mitsuru Kurosawa, Sadatoshi Fujimine
Original Story : Souseki Natsume
Screenplay : Tomomi Tsutsui
Photographer : Yonezo Maeda
Lighting : Kazuo Yabe
Sound Director : Fumio Hashimoto , Hisayuki Miyamoto
Art Director : Tsutomu Imamura
Editor : Akira Suzuki
Music : Shigeru Umebayashi

Cast : Yusaku Matsuda , Miwako Fujitani , Kaoru Kobayashi , Chishu Ryu , Katsuo Nakamura
Mitsuko Kusabue
A film adaptation of the classic work by the great writer Soseki Natsume. Set in Tokyo in the late Meiji period, the film tells the story of a man over 30 years old who lives a carefree life without a regular job, who reunites with his best friend for the first time in severa l years, and struggles with his feelings for his wife as he tries to figure out his own path in life. The cast includes Yusaku Matsuda, Kaoru Kobayashi, and Miwako Fujitani. Morita's concept is a postmodern depiction of a past era called Meiji. The actors, who make sparks fly through their delicate performances, are a must-see, even though emotional sentiments are kept to an absolute minimum. The film won many awards, including first place in the Kinema Junpo Best Ten, which was won by "The Family Game” the previous year.
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