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Future Memories : Last Christmas (1992)

Distribution Company : TOHO
Planned・Original Story : Fujio・F・Fujiko
Producers : Katsuhiko Aoki, Kazuko Misawa, Mituyo Fujita
Screenplay : Yoshimitsu Morita
Photographer : Yonezo Maeda
Lighting : Kazuo Yabe
Sound Director : Osamu Onodera
Art Director : Tsutomu Imamura
Editor : Akimasa Kawashima
Music : Takashi Kako

Cast : Misa Shimizu , Shizuka Kudo , David Ito , Motoya Izumi , Isao Hashizume , Ichirouta Migakawa
A live-action film adaptation of a comic published in Big Comic, originally a joint project with Fujio・F・Fujiko, about the bizarre fate of two women who travel back in time to 1981 with their memories intact. The film fantastically depicts the tragedies and joys of women who repeatedly experience various turning points in their lives as they start over three times. In addition to being Morita's first foray into science fiction, the film also attracted attention for its use of VFX, which was still in its infancy at the time. Misa Shimizu and Shizuka Kudo both starred in the film. Wham! 's "Last Christmas" and a lavish interspersing of domestic and international hit songs from 1981-1991, the period in which the girls live, are also appealing.
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