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Keiho (1999)

Distribution Company : SHOCHIKU
Planed・Produced : Hikaru Suzuki
Produced : Hajime Yuki
Producers : Kazuko Misawa , Tsutomu Yamamoto , Renji Tasawa
Screenplay : Sumio Omori
Photographer : Hiroshi Takase
Lighting : Akira Ono
Sound Director : Fumio Hashimoto
Art Director : Hidetaka Ozawa
Editor : Shinji Tanaka
Music : Toshihiko Sahashi

Cast : Kyoka Suzuki , Shinichi Tsutsumi , Ittoku Kishibe , Hideko Yoshida , Kirin Kiki , Toru Emori
Naoki Sugiura
Director Morita, who has long been interested in suspense, teamed up with screenwriter Sumio Omori for the first time for this original courtroom drama.
Using Article 39 of the Penal Code, which stipulates that "a person who is insane cannot be charged with a crime”, the film depicts the attacks and defenses between a defendant in a bizarre murder case and a psychiatric expert who tries to uncover the truth of the case in a tense exchange. Director Morita himself observed the actual trial and strove for realism in his direction. The "bleach bypass" visual technique adds to the bizarre mood of the film. The cast includes Kyoka Suzuki and Shinichi Tsutsumi. He This film won nearly every award that year.
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