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HARU (1996)

Distribution Company : TOHO
Planned・Produced : Hikaru Suzuki
Producers : Katsuhiko Aoki , Kazuko Misawa
Screenplay : Yoshimitsu Morita
Photographer : Hiroshi Takase
Lighting : Akira Ono
Sound Director : Fumio Hashimoto , Nobuhiro Shibayama
Art Director : Hidetaka Ozawa
Editor : Shinji Tanaka
Music : Souichi Noriki , Toshihiko Sahashi

Cast : Eri Fukatsu , Seiyo Uchino , Naho Toda , Kazufumi Miyazawa , Koutarou Takeshita , Naoko Yamazaki
A love story about a man and a woman who meet through an online chat room and fall in love without ever knowing each other's faces. This film starred Seiyo Uchino and Eri Fukatsu, who won Best Actress at the Yokohama Film Festival for this film. The experimental approach of actively incorporating the "e-mail" medium, which was a rarity at the time when most people didn’t yet know about PC, shines through as a large number of scenes in the film take place on a display screen. The film, which used PCs as the subject matter, was ahead of its time and is also characteristic of director Morita, who creates his works with radical thinking. A highly acclaimed film that won various awards, including a nomination for Best Screenplay at the Japan Academy Prize. It continues to be popular today.
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