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The Family Game (1983)

Distribution Company : Art Theatre Guild
Planned : Syousuke Taga , Kouta Yamada
Producers : Shiro Sasaki , Yutaka Okada , Shirou Sasaki
Original Story : Yohei Homma
Screenplay : Yoshimitsu Morita
Photographer : Yonezo Maeda
Lighting : Kazuo Yabe
Sound Director : Osamu Onodera
Art Director : Katsumi Nakazawa
Editor : Akimasa Kawashima

Cast : Yusaku Matsuda , Juzo Itami , Saori Yuki , Ichirouta Miyagawa , Junichi Tsujita , Yoneko Matsukane
This film is synonymous with director Morita, who dominated the film awards during that year, including the Japan Academy Film Prize, the Blue Ribbon Awards, and the Kinema Junpo Awards an so on. Set in an ordinary middle-class family, the film uses cynical humor to depict the uproar caused by an unconventional tutor who comes to the home of the second son, who is preparing to take the high school entrance exam. Although based on the novel of the same title by Yohei Honma, the bold direction of the film, which hinted to the world about how the family should be in the future", shines throughout, especially in the famous side-by-side dining table scene. The fascinating performance by Yusaku Matsuda, who had his eye on Director Morita ever since "Something Like It", was a big story.
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