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It's on Me (2009)

Distribution Company : ASMIK ACE
Producer : Shinji Takeuchi , Kazuko Misawa
Screenplay : Yoshimitsu Morita
Photographer : Masahiro Okimura
Lighting : Mitsuo Watanabe
Sound Director : Yasuo Takano
Art Director : Hidemitsu Yamazaki
Editor : Akimasa Kawashima
Music : Michiru Oshima

Cast : Koyuki , Tomoka Kurotani , Syunya Isaka , Takashi Yamanaka , Yukiyoshi Ozawa , Eiko Koike
Toru Nakamura
A unique human drama about the interwoven relationship between money and people. The main character, who suddenly returns to her hometown from Tokyo, invests a large sum of money one after another to realize the "dreams" and "hopes" of her high school classmates whom she has long since reunited with. What is the true meaning of her mysterious behavior? While developing her own theory of happiness surrounding money, the film brings human folly and sadness into relief. Koyuki, making her first appearance in a Morita film, gives a fine performance as the mysterious heoine who is both cool and warm.
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