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Lost Paradise (1997)

Distribution Company : TOEI
Producer : Masato Hara
Original Story : Junichi Watanabe
Screenplay : Tomomi Tsutsui
Photographer : Hiroshi Takase
Lighting : Akira Ono
Sound Director : Fumio Hashimoto
Art Director : Hidetaka Ozawa
Editor : Shinji Tanaka
Music : Michiru Oshima

Cast : Koji Yakusho , Hitomi Kuroki , Akira Terao , Toshio Shiba , Tomoko Hoshino , Yoshino Kimura
A film adaptation of Junichi Watanabe's best-selling novel of the same title, which sold over 3 million copies. The film depicts an out-of-front-line editor and a calligraphy instructor who fall madly in love with each other despite both having families. In addition to the sensational theme of "adultery", the love scenes in which the two attractive actors, Koji Yakusho and Hitomi Kuroki, take on the sexual chal lenges of their relationship with Morita's unique sense of style were a hot topic and crowded with female viewers. The film won nearly every award that year, and the title "Lost Paradise" became a popular buzzword.
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