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The Black House (1999)

Distribution Company : SHOCHIKU
Producers : Yasushi Tsuge , Kazuko Misawa , Tsutomu Yamamoto
Original Story : Yusuke Kishi
Screenplay : Sumio Omori
Photographer : Nobuyasu Kita
Lighting : Mitsuo Watanabe
Sound Director : Kiyoshi Kakizawa
Art Director : Hidemitsu Yamazaki
Editor : Shinji Tanaka
Music : Tetsuo Yamazaki

Cast : Seiyo Uchino , Shinobu Otake , Masahiko Nishimura , Misato Tanaka , Renji Ishibashi , Kou Machida
A film adaptation of the original story of the same title by Yusuke Kishi, winner of the 4th Japan Horror Award. The film depicts the abnormal behavior and fears of a couple who commit insurance fraud, as witnessed by a salaryman working for a life insurance company. The film is based on the theme of "Humans have a good side and a bad side", and the brightly colored and modern images are impressive as they are devoid of any sense of horror. The film's climax, which is so chaotic that it almost overtakes the horror, overwhelms the viewer. Shinobu Otake's dynamic portrayal of a ferocious killer is especially powerful. Released in the same year as the previous film "Keiho”, it attracted attention for its completely different style, and the staff and cast won awards for their respective films.
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