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Walter Reade Theater, Film at Lincoln Center

Yoshimitsu Morita Retrospective


Dec 2, 2022

Dec 11, 2022


Something Like It, Top Stripper

The Family Game, Deaths in Tokimeki

Main Theme, And Then, Kitchen, (HARU), Lost Paradise

Keiho, The Black House, The Mamiya Brothers

※Number of Screening:

The Family Game (7 times),

Deaths to Tokimeki, (HARU), and The Black House (twice)

8 other films (once each)


※Kazuko Misawa is scheduled to talk on Dec. 2-Dec. 4.

■Friday, December

6:30PM The Family Game (1983, 107 min): Stage Greeting

8:30PM-10:30PM Opening Reception

9:00PM Deaths in Tokimeki (1984, 105 min): Stage Greeting

■Saturday, December 3

6:15PM The Black House (1999, 118 min): Stage Greeting

8:45PM The Family Game (1983, 107 min)

■Sunday, December 4

1:00PM Lost Paradise (1997, 119m): Stage Greeting

6:15PM The Family Game (1983, 107min)

8:45PM Main Theme (1984, 101min)

■Monday, December 5

1:30PM The Family Game (1983, 107 min)

■Tuesday, December 6

1:30PM The Family Game (1983, 107 min)

■Wednesday, December 7

6:30PM Something Like It (1981, 103min)

9:00PM The Family Game (1983, 107 min)

■Thursday, December 8

6:30PM (HARU) (1996, 118m)

9:00PM The Family Game (1983, 107min)

■Friday, December 9

2:00PM Deaths in Tokimeki (1984, 105 min)

6:30PM Keiho (1999, 130min)

9:15PM The Black House (1999, 118min)

■Saturday, December 10

7:00PM And Then (1985, 130min)

9:30PM Top Stripper (1982, 67min)

■Sunday, December 11

2:00PM Kitchen (1989, 106min)

6:30PM (HARU) (1996, 118min)

9:00PM The Mamiya Brothers (2006, 119min)

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