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Yoshimitsu Morita’s 8mm Filmography


<They were presented at screenings of HARIO, Filmrally, and Cine-In>

・POSI-? (20min, black-and-white)

・Hex (3min, color)

・Sky (3min, color)


<He held a solo exhibition at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University,
                             Aoyama Gakuin University, and Athenee Francais>

・Films (32min, selective color)
・Seaside (3min, color)

・eating (3min, black-and-white)
・Light (15min, color)
・Mother (3min, black-and-white)
・The Weather Forecast (28min, selective color)



<He held a solo exhibition at Underground Cinematheque
 for 10 days and an exhibition with Nobuhiro Aihara who is
                    an independent director>

・Perspective (77min, selective color)
・Health Check (20min, black-and-white)

・Industrial Area (27min selective color)


・Suburban Tokyo Area (35min , black-and-white)



<He held an exhibition with Akiko Ashizawa and released the
                                            Water Vapor Exhibition at Ginza Gas Hall>

・Water Vapor Express (61min, color)


<Live in Chigasaki was released at YAMAHA Hall
                                                           in Ginza and Koenji Hall>

・Live in Chigasaki (78min, color)

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